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Prezygotic isolation, mating preferences, and the evolution of chromosomal inversionsuse asterix (*) to get italics
Dagilis AJ, Kirkpatrick M
Chromosomal inversions are frequently implicated in isolating species. Models have shown how inversions can evolve in the context of postmating isolation. Inversions are also frequently associated with mating preferences, a topic that has not been studied theoretically. Here, we show how inversions can spread by capturing a mating preference locus and one or more loci involved with epistatic incompatibilities. Inversions can be established under broad conditions ranging from near panmixis to nearly complete speciation. These results provide a hypothesis to explain the growing number of examples of inversions associated with premating isolating mechanisms.
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Chromosomal evolution, inversions, mating preference, models and simulations
Adaptation, Evolutionary Theory, Genome Evolution, Hybridization / Introgression, Population Genetics / Genomics, Speciation
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2016-12-13 22:11:54
Denis Roze