• ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, TOWNSVILLE, Australia
  • Adaptation, Evolutionary Ecology, Non Genetic Inheritance, Phenotypic Plasticity, Quantitative Genetics
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Strong habitat and weak genetic effects shape the lifetime reproductive success in a wild clownfish population
Océane C. Salles, Glenn R. Almany, Michael L. Berumen, Geoffrey P. Jones, Pablo Saenz-Agudelo, Maya Srinivasan, Simon Thorrold, Benoit Pujol, Serge Planes

Recommended by Philip Munday based on reviews by Juan Diego Gaitan-Espitia and Loeske Kruuk
Habitat variation of wild clownfish population shapes selfrecruitment more than genetic effects

Estimating the genetic and environmental components of variation in reproductive success is crucial to understanding the adaptive potential of populations to environmental change. To date, the heritability of lifetime reproductive success (fitness) has been estimated in a handful of wild animal population, mostly in mammals and birds, but has never been estimated for a marine species. The primary reason that such estimates are lacking in marine species is that most marine organisms have a disper...


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