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  • Laboratoire de BiomĂ©trie et Biologie Evolutive, CNRS, Lyon, France
  • Evolutionary Applications, Evolutionary Ecology, Life History, Sexual Selection
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The Y chromosome may contribute to sex-specific ageing in Drosophila
Emily J Brown, Alison H Nguyen, Doris Bachtrog

Recommended by Gabriel Marais, Jean-François Lemaitre and Cristina Vieira
Y chromosome makes fruit flies die younger

In most animal species, males and females display distinct survival prospect, a phenomenon known as sex gap in longevity (SGL, Marais et al. 2018). The study of SGLs is crucial not only for having a full picture of the causes underlying organisms’ health, aging and death but also to initiate the development of sex-specific anti-aging interventions in humans (Austad and Bartke 2015). Three non-mutually evolutionary causes have been proposed to underlie SGLs (Marais et al. 2018). First, SGLs...


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