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  • Institute of Systematics, Evolution, Biodievrsity, CNRS - MNHN, Paris, France
  • Adaptation, Evolutionary Ecology, Macroevolution, Phylogenetics / Phylogenomics, Speciation, Species interactions
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2010 - present CNRS researcher, MNHN, Paris, France 2009 postdoc, Imperial College London, Ascot, UK 2005 - 2008 postdoc, Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge, UK 2001 - 2004 postdoc, Unievrsities of Helsinki and Oulu, Finland 2000 PhD in Evolutionary Biology, University of Montpellier, France

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Fine-grained habitat-associated genetic connectivity in an admixed population of mussels in the small isolated Kerguelen Islands
Christelle Fraïsse, Anne Haguenauer, Karin Gerard, Alexandra Anh-Thu Weber, Nicolas Bierne, Anne Chenuil

Recommended by Marianne Elias based on reviews by Thomas Broquet and Tatiana Giraud
Introgression from related species reveals fine-scale structure in an isolated population of mussels and causes patterns of genetic-environment associations

Assessing population connectivity is central to understanding population dynamics, and is therefore of great importance in evolutionary biology and conservation biology. In the marine realm, the apparent absence of physical barriers, large population sizes and high dispersal capacities of most organisms often result in no detectable structure, thereby hindering inferences of population connectivity. In a review paper, Gagnaire et al. [1] propose several ideas to improve detection of population c...


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