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  • Macroevolution, Paleontology, Phylogenetics / Phylogenomics, Phylogeography & Biogeography, Systematics / Taxonomy
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Pleistocene climate change and the formation of regional species pools
Joaquín Calatayud, Miguel Á. Rodríguez, Rafael Molina-Venegas, María Leo, José Luís Hórreo, Joaquín Hortal

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Recent assembly of European biogeographic species pool

Biodiversity is unevenly distributed over time, space and the tree of life [1]. The fact that regions are richer than others as exemplified by the latitudinal diversity gradient has fascinated biologists as early as the first explorers travelled around the world [2]. Provincialism was one of the first general features of land biotic distributions noted by famous nineteenth century biologists like the phytogeographers J.D. Hooker and A. de Candolle, and the zoogeographers P.L. Sclater and A.R. Wa...


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