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Natural selection on plasticity of thermal traits in a highly seasonal environment
Leonardo Bacigalupe, Juan Diego Gaitan-Espitia, Aura M Barria, Avia Gonzalez-Mendez, Manuel Ruiz-Aravena, Mark Trinder, Barry Sinervo

Recommended by Wolf Blanckenhorn based on reviews by Nadia Aubin-Horth, Wolf Blanckenhorn and Dries Bonte
Is thermal plasticity itself shaped by natural selection? An assessment with desert frogs

It is well known that climatic factors – most notably temperature, season length, insolation and humidity – shape the thermal niche of organisms on earth through the action of natural selection. But how is this achieved precisely? Much of thermal tolerance is actually mediated by phenotypic plasticity (as opposed to genetic adaptation). A prominent expectation is that environments with greater (daily and/or annual) thermal variability select for greater plasticity, i.e. better acclimation ca...