COULON Aurélie

  • CESCO & CEFE, CNRS & MNHN, Montpellier, France
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PhD (Toulouse) on the effects of landscape on roe deer dispersal. Postdoc (Ithaca, NY, USA) on the effects of landscape on gene flow in a bird. Associate Professor at the french National museum of Natural history in Paris.

Research areas: My research focuses on movement ecology: I study the factors influencing animal movements (especially dispersal) and gene flow, with a particular emphasis on landscape composition and structure. I also study how human-triggered landscape modifications like fragmentation affect animal movements; and the consequences on population functioning and structure. My research is hence tightly linked to the management/conservation of populations, and to landscape management (e.g. connectivity restoration, french Trame Verte et Bleue policy). I use four approaches: GPS monitoring of movements, landscape genetics, experimentation, and spatially explicit modeling. I work on a variety of model species, including mostly mammals (roe deer), birds, amphibians (Natterk jack toads and common toads) and reptiles (grass snakes).

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