• Department of Mathematics, Univ. of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • Adaptation, Evolutionary Theory, Population Genetics / Genomics, Speciation
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PhD in theoretical physics, postdoc and independent group leader in evolutionary biology, since 2008 professor for mathematics and biology at University of Vienna. Areas: biomathematics, population genetic modeling, evolutionary theory, adaptation and speciation

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Things softly attained are long retained: Dissecting the Impacts of Selection Regimes on Polymorphism Maintenance in Experimental Spatially Heterogeneous Environments
Romain Gallet, Rémy Froissart, Virginie Ravigné

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Experimental test of the conditions of maintenance of polymorphism under hard and soft selection


Theoretical work, initiated by Levene (1953) [1] and Dempster (1955) [2], suggests that within a given environment, the way populations are regulated and contribute to the next generation is a key factor for the maintenance of local adaptation polymorphism. In this theoretical context, hard selection describes the situation where the genetic composition of each population affects its contribution to the next generation whereas soft selection describes the case where the contribution of...