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  • Dept Genet Evol Environ, Univ. College London, London, United Kingdom
  • Evolutionary Ecology, Expression Studies, Genome Evolution, Genotype-Phenotype, Population Genetics / Genomics, Reproduction and Sex, Sexual Selection
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Genomic imprinting mediates dosage compensation in a young plant XY system
Aline Muyle, Niklaus Zemp, Cecile Fruchard, Radim Cegan, Jan Vrana, Clothilde Deschamps, Raquel Tavares, Franck Picard, Roman Hobza, Alex Widmer, Gabriel Marais

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Dosage compensation by upregulation of maternal X alleles in both males and females in young plant sex chromosomes

Sex chromosomes evolve as recombination is suppressed between the X and Y chromosomes. The loss of recombination on the sex-limited chromosome (the Y in mammals) leads to degeneration of both gene expression and gene content for many genes [1]. Loss of gene expression or content from the Y chromosome leads to differences in gene dose between males and females for X-linked genes. Because expression levels are often correlated with gene dose [2], these hemizygous genes have a lower expression leve...


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