• NA, Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Evolutionary Theory, Non Genetic Inheritance, Phylogeography & Biogeography, Population Genetics / Genomics, Systematics / Taxonomy
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I am professor in the Department of Zoology, where I carry research out research on a wide variety of topics, from population genetic theory (models of selection and the maintenance of genetic variation; models of selection on non-standard inheritance systems; models of phenotypic plasticity), to biogeography (long-distance dispersal in marine invertebrates) and phylogeny (of cormorants and molluscs), to the history of eugenics. My obtained my PhD from Harvard University, studying under Richard Lewontin; my undergraduate degree was in mathematics from the University of Auckland, from which I also graduated with an MSc in zoology, studying with David Lambert and Brian McArdle.

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