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Education DPhil in Zoology (2010–2014), University of Oxford MSc. Biology (2008-2011), University of Ottawa Honours BSc with Specialization in Biology & Minor in Statistics (2004-2008), University of Ottawa

Work Research Associate (January 2016–), School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester, UK Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (May 2014–December 2015), Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK

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Cost of resistance: an unreasonably expensive concept
Thomas Lenormand, Noemie Harmand, Romain Gallet

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Let’s move beyond costs of resistance!

The increase in the prevalence of (antibiotic) resistance has become a major global health concern and is an excellent example of the impact of real-time evolution on human society. This has led to a boom of studies that investigate the mechanisms and factors involved in the evolution of resistance, and to the spread of the concept of "costs of resistance". This concept refers to the relative fitness disadvantage of a drug-resistant genotype compared to a non-resistant reference genotype in the ...