• Evolutionary genomics, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
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I am a Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Henry Dale Research fellow working on the evolution and genomics of bacterial pathogenicity at the Dept. of Vet. Medicine at the University of Cambridge. I completed my PhD in evolutionary biology in 2008 at the University of Edinburgh before undertaking postdocs at the University of Edinburgh, University of Montpellier II, Imperial College and UCL on genome evolution in a range of bacterial, viral, fungal and eukaryotic systems.

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The dynamics of preferential host switching: host phylogeny as a key predictor of parasite prevalence and distribution
Jan Engelstaedter & Nicole Fortuna

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Shift or stick? Untangling the signatures of biased host switching, and host-parasite co-speciation

Many emerging diseases arise by parasites switching to new host species, while other parasites seem to remain with same host lineage for very long periods of time, even over timescales where an ancestral host species splits into two or more new species. The ability to understand these dynamics would form an important part of our understanding of infectious disease.

Experiments are clearly important for understanding these processes, but so are comparative studies, investigating the variation...


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