MEDEL Rodrigo

  • Laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
  • Adaptation, Evolutionary Applications, Evolutionary Dynamics, Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Epidemiology, Evolutionary Theory, Life History, Morphological Evolution, Other, Phenotypic Plasticity, Quantitative Genetics, Sexual Selection, Speciation, Species interactions
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MSc in Biology 1987 Catholic University of Chile PhD in Biology 1993 Catholic University of Chile Postdoc 1996-1998 University of California San Diego

I work in the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions in the Chilean Mediterranean-type ecosystem. More specifically, I study the complexity of the natural selection process acting upon plant and animal phenotypes in a coevolutionary framework. I focus on mutualistic (pollination, seed dispersal) and antagonistic (parasitism, flower herbivory) interactions. An additional interest is history and philosophy of science with emphasis in ecology and evolution.

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