MEDEL Rodrigo

  • Laboratory of Biological Interactions, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
  • Adaptation, Evolutionary Applications, Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Theory, Life History, Phenotypic Plasticity, Quantitative Genetics, Sexual Selection, Speciation, Species interactions
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MSc in Biology 1987 Catholic University of Chile PhD in Biology 1993 Catholic University of Chile Postdoc 1996-1998 University of California San Diego Master in Philosophy 2017 University of Chile

I work in the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions in the Chilean Mediterranean-type ecosystem. More specifically, I study the complexity of the natural selection process acting upon plant and animal phenotypes in a coevolutionary framework. I focus on mutualistic (pollination, seed dispersal) and antagonistic (parasitism, flower herbivory) interactions. An additional interest is history and philosophy of science with emphasis in abduction, an inference process involved in the first steps of scientific discovery.

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