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  • Adaptation, Behavior & Social Evolution, Evolutionary Ecology, Genotype-Phenotype, Life History, Macroevolution, Non Genetic Inheritance, Phenotypic Plasticity, Phylogeography & Biogeography, Sexual Selection, Speciation
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2009-current: Full time Researcher CNRS (France) 2006-2008: Australian Post-doctoral Fellowship, School of Biological Sciences, Sydney University. Hosted by Pr. Shine. 2001-2005: PhD degree, University of Poitiers (France) and University of Western Australia (PERTH).

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Thermal regimes, but not mean temperatures, drive patterns of rapid climate adaptation at a continent-scale: evidence from the introduced European earwig across North America
Jean-Claude Tourneur, Joël Meunier

Recommended by Fabien Aubret based on reviews by Eric Gangloff and Ben Phillips
Temperature variance, rather than mean, drives adaptation to local climate

Climate change is impacting eco-systems worldwide and driving many populations to move, adapt or go extinct. It is increasingly appreciated, for example, that species may adjust their phenology in response to climate change, although empirical data is scarce. In this preprint [1], Tourneur and Meunier report an impressive sampling effort in which life-history traits were measured across introduced populations of earwig in North America. The authors examine whether variation in life-history acr...


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