• , University of Minnesota - Twin Citites, St Paul, United States of America
  • Evolutionary Theory, Hybridization / Introgression, Population Genetics / Genomics, Quantitative Genetics, Speciation
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PhD 2010 from Indiana University. Worked on theoretical population genetics and synthetic analyses of 'patterns in the literature.' (co-Supervisors: Mike Wade & Leonie Moyle )

Postdoc (2010-2014) at UC Davis CPB. Worked on theoretical and empirical population genomics and reproductive isolation. (co-Supervisors: Graham Coop and Michael Turelli)

Assistant Professor (2014 - present), University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities, Department of Plant & Microbial Biology. Working on empirical and theoretical population genomics, speciation biology, and plant mating systems evolution. (Supervised Postdocs: Dena Grossenbacher 2014-2015, Heath Blackmon 2016 - present , Adam Herman 2015 - present, Alison Wardlaw 2016 - present. Supervised PhD Students: Alex Harkness 2015 - Present).

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