• Dpt. of Ecology and Genetics, Plant Ecology and Evolution, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Adaptation, Evolutionary Ecology, Hybridization / Introgression, Speciation
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1999 Master Degree in Biology, Kiel University, Germany -2002 PhD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland - 2005 Post-doc, Indiana University, USA - 2010 ETH Zurich, Switzerland - present Associate Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden

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Assortment of flowering time and defense alleles in natural Arabidopsis thaliana populations suggests co-evolution between defense and vegetative lifespan strategies
Glander S, He F, Schmitz G, Witten A, Telschow A, de Meaux J

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Towards an integrated scenario to understand evolutionary patterns in A. thaliana

Nobody can ignore that a full understanding of evolution requires an integrated approach from both conceptual and methodological viewpoints. Although some life-history traits, e.g. flowering time, have long been receiving more attention than others, in many cases because the former are more workable than the latter, we must acknowledge that our comprehension about how evolution works is strongly biased and limited. In the Arabidopsis community, such an integration is making good progress as an...