GóMEZ-DíAZ Elena

  • EBD, CSIC, Sevilla, Spain
  • Adaptation, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Evolutionary Ecology, Expression Studies, Non Genetic Inheritance, Phenotypic Plasticity, Species interactions
  • recommender

During my PhD thesis in Spain (at the University of Barcelona under the supervision of J. GONZÁLEZ-SOLÍS), I investigated host and parasite genetic co-structure (using seabirds and their ectosymbionts as a study model). During my three-year postdoc in France (within the group of K.D.McCOY at the laboratory of Génétique et Evolution des Maladies Infectiouses (CNRS-IRD) in Montpellier), I had the opportunity to work on tick-borne systems in which I studied vector pathogen specialisation cascades and their consequences for disease epidemiology (Borrelia bacteria, Intra-European Marie Curie project). I returned to Spain as a senior postdoc researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Barcelona (European Reintegration Grant), where I initiated a project focused on parasite evolution on islands become interested in the mechanisms of adaptation in host-parasite systems and I started to develop new ideas about the emerging field of host-parasite epigenetics. To pursue that research line, and to train myself in the field of epigenomics and transcriptomics, I moved to the USA and joined the laboratory of V. CORCÉS at Emory University. Now I am junior principal investigator in Spain (EBD-CSIC), Sevilla (Ramon y Cajal grant). My research line focuses on the epigenetics of mosquito-Plasmodium interactions.

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