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I'm a population geneticist mostly working on temperate and boreal forest tree species. Projects in my lab include studies of late Pleistocene demographic history and migration, local adaptation to climate, and the interaction between these two processes in determining the evolutionary fate of tree populations. Most recently we have been using exome capture re-sequencing in large populations of spruce, pine, and poplars to understand the extent of parallel/convergent adaptation, the geography and genomics of deleterious alleles, and the genomic architecture of adaptation at coarse and fine spatial scales.

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Genomic data provides new insights on the demographic history and the extent of recent material transfers in Norway spruce
Jun Chen, Lili Li, Pascal Milesi, Gunnar Jansson, Mats Berlin, Bo Karlsson, Jelena Aleksic, Giovanni G Vendramin, Martin Lascoux

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Disentangling the recent and ancient demographic history of European spruce species

Genetic diversity in temperate and boreal forests tree species has been strongly affected by late Pleistocene climate oscillations [2,3,5], but also by anthropogenic forces. Particularly in Europe, where a long history of human intervention has re-distributed species and populations, it can be difficult to know if a given forest arose through natural regeneration and gene flow or through some combination of natural and human-mediated processes. This uncertainty can confound inferences of the cau...


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