• Kristi Miller (DFO) and Curtis Suttle (UBC), Pacific Biological Station and the University of British Columbia, Nanaimo, Canada
  • Expression Studies, Genome Evolution, Quantitative Genetics
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I study molecular ecology of aquatic organisms, with a focus on salmonid host-parasite or host-virus interactions, drug resistance and its application to aquaculture, and the use of genomics to inform on improvement management of aquatic resources. Most of my research involves salmonids, which have a relatively recent, basal whole genome duplication that has influenced their evolution. Some of the main themes of my research involve characterizing the way the genome responds to abiotic and biotic stimuli, in some cases with the goal to improve the ecological interpretation of gene functions in non-model species. Other aspects of genome evolution that are of interest to me are the evolution of sex chromosomes and the evolution of gene regulatory networks.

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