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Ecology and evolution of interactions between and within species Biology - Mathematics interface Mating systems, self-incompatibility, sexes, sexual dimorphism Evolution of dominance and within genome interactions Plant-pollinator interactions Demography, mutational load and extinction of sexual species Horizontal transfers of genetic non-genetic informations Stochastic modelling, scaling, microscopic to macroscopic modelling

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Variation in competitive ability with mating system, ploidy and range expansion in four Capsella species
Xuyue Yang, Martin Lascoux and Sylvain Glémin

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When ecology meets genetics: Towards an integrated understanding of mating system transitions and diversity

In the 19th century, C. Darwin and F. Delpino engaged in a debate about the success of species with different reproduction modes, with the later favouring the idea that monoecious plants capable of autonomous selfing could spread more easily than dioecious plants (or self-incompatible hermaphroditic plants) if cross-pollination opportunities were limited [1]. Since then, debate has never faded about how natural selection is responsible for transitions to selfing and can explain the diversity and...


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