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BSc., McGill (1989) DPhil, Univ. of Oxford (1994) Killam Fellow, Univ. of British Columbia (1995-1997) NWO Fellow, Univ. Amsterdam (1998-2000) Faculty, Simon Fraser University (2001-present)

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Range size dynamics can explain why evolutionarily age and diversification rate correlate with contemporary extinction risk in plants
Andrew J. Tanentzap, Javier Igea, Matthew G. Johnston, Matthew J. Larcombe

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Are both very young and the very old plant lineages at heightened risk of extinction?

Human economic activity is responsible for the vast majority of ongoing extinction, but that does not mean lineages are being affected willy-nilly. For amphibians [1] and South African flowering plants [2], young species have a somewhat higher than expected chance of being threatened with extinction. In contrast, older Australian marsupial lineages seem to be more at risk [3]. Both of the former studies suggested that situations leading to peripheral isolation might simultaneously increase on...


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