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Ph.D Florida State University (Biological Sciences), 1998 Postdoc, Colorado State, University of Oregon/Indiana University; 1998-2003 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology University of Florida; 2003-2010 Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, UF (2010)

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Sexual selection and inbreeding: two efficient ways to limit the accumulation of deleterious mutations
E. Noël, E. Fruitet, D. Lelaurin, N. Bonel, A. Ségard, V. Sarda, P. Jarne and P. David

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Inbreeding compensates for reduced sexual selection in purging deleterious mutations

Two evolutionary processes have been shown in theory to enhance the effects of natural selection in purging deleterious mutations from a population (here ""natural"" selection is defined as ""selection other than sexual selection""). First, inbreeding, especially self-fertilization, facilitates the removal of deleterious recessive alleles, the effects of which are largely hidden from selection in heterozygotes when mating is random. Second, sexual selection can facilitate the removal of delete...


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