• Social evolution, evolutionary genetics, behavioral ecology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States of America
  • Behavior & Social Evolution, Evolutionary Ecology, Expression Studies, Genome Evolution, Genotype-Phenotype, Phenotypic Plasticity, Population Genetics / Genomics, Quantitative Genetics
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I study the genetic and behavioral underpinnings of complex social systems (e.g., social insect colonies) in order to understand how these systems function and evolve. I am especially interested in how social interactions affect genetic architecture and trait evolution. I joined the University of Pennsylvania Biology faculty in March 2011. Before that I was a EU Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Social Evolution, University of Copenhagen, and a US National Science Foundation Biological Informatics Postdoctoral Fellow at Arizona State University. I did my PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior at Indiana University.

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