D'ETTORRE Patrizia

  • Laboratory of Experimental and Comparative Ethology (LEEC), University of Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Villetaneuse, France
  • Behavior & Social Evolution
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1996 PhD in Animal Behaviour (Ethology), University of Parma (Italy) 1998-2001 Post-doc, University of Tours (France) 2001-2005 Post-doc, University of Regensburg 2005-2008 Associate Research Professor, University of Copenhagen 2008-2009 Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Nov 2009 Full Professor, University of Paris 13

I am an evolutionary biologist working on the evolution of communication and its underlying (proximate and ultimate) mechanisms. I am particularly interested in recognition of identity and, in general, in the sociobiology of communication and cognition.

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