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Trait-specific trade-offs prevent niche expansion in two parasites
Eva JP Lievens, Yannis Michalakis, Thomas Lenormand

Recommended by Frédéric Guillaume based on reviews by Seth Barribeau, Anne Duplouy and Cindy Gidoin
Trade-offs in fitness components and ecological source-sink dynamics affect host specialisation in two parasites of Artemia shrimps

Ecological specialisation, especially among parasites infecting a set of host species, is ubiquitous in nature. Host specialisation can be understood as resulting from trade-offs in parasite infectivity, virulence and growth. However, it is not well understood how variation in these trade-offs shapes the overall fitness trade-off a parasite faces when adapting to multiple hosts. For instance, it is not clear whether a strong trade-off in one fitness component may sufficiently constrain the evolu...