Request a recommendation for your preprint


As a user of PCI Evol Biol and as an author, you can request a recommendation for your preprints




Before initiating your request

  1. You must first deposit your preprint on a preprint server, such as bioRxiv, to obtain a DOI.
  2. The preprint must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  3. You must act on behalf of all the authors of the preprint.

    You can then initiate the recommendation request by clicking on the green button at the end of this page.  

Details about the recommendation process

  1. You belong to a group of authors that has deposited a preprint in an open repository, such as bioRxiv.

  2. You can inform PCI Evol Biol that you would like this preprint to be considered for recommendation. In doing so, you must clearly state that the preprint concerned is not under review elsewhere. You must also declare that you will wait at least 20 days before submitting this preprint to a journal. This interval will allow PCI Evol Biol to initiate a recommendation process.

  3. Recommenders of PCI Evol Biol are alerted to your request. If one of the recommenders finds the preprint particularly interesting, he/she can decide to initiate the recommendation process. He/she becomes the “recommender” of this preprint.

  4. The “recommender” then sends you an e-mail to explain the process, and to check that the preprint is still not under review elsewhere. The "recommender" also checks that you, on behalf of all the authors, would be willing to wait for the completion of the reviewing process (no more than 50 days) and to modify the preprint if necessary to obtain the recommendation.

  5. The “recommender” then obtains at least two high-quality reviews, which may include his/her own review.

  6. The “recommender” sends you the reviews (which may or may not be written anonymously, at the reviewer’s discretion) and asks for modifications, if required. If modifications are requested, authors must deposit a new version of the preprint in the preprint server and obtain a DOI for this new version. The “recommender” writes a short text of recommendation (together with the other reviewers, if they are willing to do so) explaining the recommendation, when all the requested modifications have been made.

  7. The recommendation text signed by the recommender, all reviews (anonymous or otherwise), the link to the preprint, and all correspondence with you are sent to the Managing Board of PCI Evol Biol. Before sending their recommendations and reviews, all recommenders and reviewers must declare that they have no conflict of interest of any kind with the content or the authors of the preprint, and that they are not recommending or reviewing an article published by close colleagues, recent co-authors, relatives or friends. The Managing Board will perform a rapid quality control on the format and deontology of reviews and recommendations.

  8. The recommendation text signed by the recommender, all reviews (anonymous or otherwise), the link to the preprint, and all correspondence with you are finally posted on the PCI Evol Biol website. The recommendation is widely publicized in media and social networks, and becomes a citable reference.

  9. If you want to do so, you can then submit your recommended preprint to the journal of your choice.

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