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Weak seed banks influence the signature and detectability of selective sweepsuse asterix (*) to get italics
Kevin Korfmann, Diala Abu Awad, Aurélien Tellier
<p style="text-align: justify;">Seed banking (or dormancy) is a widespread bet-hedging strategy, generating a form of population overlap, which decreases the magnitude of genetic drift. The methodological complexity of integrating this trait implies it is ignored when developing tools to detect selective sweeps. But, as dormancy lengthens the ancestral recombination graph (ARG), increasing times to fixation, it can change the genomic signatures of selection. To detect genes under positive selection in seed banking species it is important to 1) determine whether the efficacy of selection is affected, and 2) predict the patterns of nucleotide diversity at and around positively selected alleles. We present the first tree sequence-based simulation program integrating a weak seed bank to examine the dynamics and genomic footprints of beneficial alleles in a finite population. We find that seed banking does not affect the probability of fixation and confirm expectations of increased times to fixation. We also confirm earlier findings that, for strong selection, the times to fixation are not scaled by the inbreeding effective population size in the presence of seed banks, but are shorter than would be expected. As seed banking increases the effective recombination rate, footprints of sweeps appear narrower around the selected sites and due to the scaling of the ARG are detectable for longer periods of time. The developed simulation tool can be used to predict the footprints of selection and draw statistical inference of past evolutionary events in plants, invertebrates, or fungi with seed banks.</p>
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seed bank, weak dormancy, selection, tskit, tree sequence, forward simulation, fixation time, fixation probability, ancestral recombination graph
Adaptation, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Evolutionary Applications, Evolutionary Ecology, Genome Evolution, Life History, Population Genetics / Genomics
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2022-05-23 13:01:57
Renaud Vitalis